Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

ESA is one of the leading mystery shopping companies in the UK and Ireland. We have extensive fieldwork capability through our team of over 15,000 mystery shoppers, our executive teams have many years’ collective experience in managing projects across a range of markets and we employ industry leading technology for data collection and reporting.

  • Customer Service Assessments

    Customer Service Assessments

    Mystery shopping is the perfect tool for measuring how well your customer-facing employees engage with customers in all touch points and how effectively your brand offer is being delivered. Whether customers engage with you via retail, online or telephone channels, a carefully designed ESA Retail mystery shopping programme provides you with the detailed feedback required to improve customer service performance, leading to greater customer satisfaction and enhanced loyalty.

  • ESA Mobile

    ESA Mobile

    Our mystery shoppers can now enter data via our ESAMobile smartphone app, which was developed specifically for mystery shopping surveys. This approach to data collection offers the advantage of making results available more quickly, but also provides less obvious benefits, such as increased quality controls through GPS checks and time stamping, and facilitates the inclusion of photos alongside the questionnaire data.

  • Ask! Age Verification

    Ask! Age Verification

    Ask! is an age verification mystery shopping service which supports responsible retailers by providing independent feedback on their compliance in ID checking. Employing smartphone data capture and action-focused reporting, Ask! offers clients in retail and leisure sectors a quick and effective means of ensuring due diligence in age verification policy implementation.

  • Audio Recorded Compliance Mystery Shops

    Audio Recorded Compliance Mystery Shops

    Complex customer enquiries and transactions, for example in the area of financial compliance, frequently give rise to a need for a covert audio recorded mystery shop. We have significantly expanded our audio mystery shopping capability in order to satisfy increased demand for this type of work.

  • Brand Recommendation Mystery Shopping

    Brand Recommendation Mystery Shopping

    Mystery shopping is a highly effective tool for evaluating the effectiveness of your sales strategy in encouraging sales staff to promote your products ahead of other brands. A carefully designed brand recommendation mystery shopping exercise allows you to evaluate when, how and why your brand is being recommended by third party or independent retailers.

  • Social Media Mystery Shopping

    Social Media Mystery Shopping

    How well does your brand respond to customers through the likes of Facebook and Twitter? In 2015 ESA handled over 10,000 social media mystery shops to almost 400 brands, across 32 different market sectors. Results showed the fastest single response took less than a minute, whilst the slowest took over six days. Our reports helped brands benchmark themselves against key competitors. So if social media is an important platform for your brand, let us help you to see your business through your customer’s eyes.