ESA Retail Launches Smartphone Questionnaire App

ESA Retail Launches Smartphone Questionnaire App

ESA Retail’s mystery shoppers are now able to submit results directly from their smartphone via a bespoke questionnaire app ESAMobile, designed specifically for mystery shopping surveys.

Mystery shoppers using the app no longer need to complete a paper questionnaire, they simply complete the questionnaire on their smartphone and on completion of their assessment, immediately submit their data.

This approach to data collection offers the obvious advantage that results are available more quickly. Other less obvious benefits include the ability to easily incorporate data quality checks, such as verification of the GPS co-ordinates against the store location and confirmation of the assessment time and date against the time-stamped data record.

The app also makes it easy for shoppers to include photos within the data, for example where images are deemed helpful to illustrate poor store presentation or displays.

Anne Sherrington, ESA Retail’s Operations Director, commented:

“The deployment of ESAMobile amongst our shopper panel offers clients a real advantage in terms of both faster access to survey results and greater quality controls at the point of data entry.”

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