Ireland Tops the Smiling Report 2015

Ireland Tops the Smiling Report 2015

‘Health and Beauty Care’ leads the way! ESA Retail and many other mystery shopping providers from around the world (69 countries in total) participated in the global Smiling Report for 2015.

The report consists of customer service data from assessments across a variety of industries and covers the following areas; “Smiling” at customers, “Greeting” customers and offering “Add-on Sales” to customers as part of the customer service experience.

Overall 80% of the customers received a smile, 87% were greeted whilst only 52% received an add-on sales suggestion. The aggregated scores for “greeting” is up 1% versus the previous year, but “smile” (down 3%) and “add-on sales” (down 5%) is lower than previous year. However there are big differences between continents, countries and industries.


Ireland is the highest ranked country for providing a “Smile” (97%). The UK achieved a score of 92% (the same as Switzerland), which is 12% above the overall average score and an increase of 5% compared with 2013. Slovenia (46%), South Korea (47%) and Hong Kong (48%) were the lowest scoring countries. Two very different industries; Health & Beauty Care and Finance were the highest scoring industries for “Smile”.


Six South American countries scored 100% on “Greeting”; Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Martinique, Paraguay and Venezuela. The UK is ranked in 32nd place with a score of 91% (5% above the average), whilst the lowest scores were in Macau (53%) and Hong Kong (58%). The industry with the highest score was (AGAIN!) Health and Beauty Care (95%), the lowest was Transport (55%).


Add-on Sales is dominated by the South American countries at the top of the list; Honduras (97%) and Guatemala (91%), followed by eight South American countries with scores ranging between 61% and 82%. The UK are ranked in 27th place with 49% (3% below the average score), the lowest scores were found in Japan (22%), Cyprus (26%) and Croatia (27%). Hospitality had the highest score of 63%, while Leisure was the lowest scoring industry with (42%).


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